Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Scuba-diving in Hawaii is a fun and adventurous experience. Many dive sites here are offering impressive dive experiences. You will come across most amazing sights in the waters around Hawaii, such as Nesting sea turtles, white tip reef sharks, whale as well as sharks of all shapes and sizes.

Here are major dive sites in Hawaii perfect for your scuba- diving venture.

1. Kailua-Kona, Big Island
Kailua-Kona is a magical place for scuba divers. The site is located on Big Island, and the weather here is almost dry and sunny. Kailua-Kona site is also called as Blackwater. It is very popular among the divers as it gives them once in a lifetime kind of experience. The water here is shallow, almost 60 feet. Marie’s life bio-illumination is worth a watch.

2. Pelagic Magic, Kona
Pelagic Magic is a famous dive site in Hawaii, and the underwater world here is mesmerizing. Each night, millions of creatures rise from the depth of the ocean to find food and mates in the dark waters of Kona. Pelagic Magic gives the divers a memorable view of Hawaii after dark– they can see glowing jellyfish, zooplanktons, and also other species of deep-sea creatures.

3. Cathedrals, Lanai 
These are two dive sites – Cathedral 1 and Cathedral 2. These sites are known as pinnacles and lava tubes. Their depth ranges from almost 15 to 65 feet. It is a famous spot on the Lanai islands, which is famous for its hiking trail and beaches.

Depth: 45-60 feet
Access: Boat
Location: South Coast
Visibility: 40-100 feet
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Sealife: Crabs, Butterfly Fish, Turtle, Moorish Idols and Octopus
Water Temperature: 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October

4. Three fingers, Kauai
Kauai is known as the garden islands, which offers the perfect five sites called Three fingers. It extends about 100 feet outside of the bay and has crystal clear water with visibility up to 60 ft. A perfect spot for people who wants to take the ideal Instagrammable selfies.

5. Kahuna Canyon, Oahu 
Oahu is a perfect getaway if you want to enjoy the beaches, hiking trails, and the busy city life of Hawaii. But if you want to enjoy a perfect dive site, then Kahuna Canyon is perfect for all of you. The shape of the site is a bowl-shaped crater that includes lobsters, crabs, octopus, and even sharks.

Depth: 35-100 feet
Access: Boat
Location: North Shore
Visibility: 60-100 feet
Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Sealife: Parrotfish, Unicorn Surgeonfish, Ulua, Amberjacks
Water Temperature: 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October

6. Carthaginian II, Maui 
The most popular Hawaii island, Maui, cannot be off the list if we talk about the dive sites. It offers the perfect scenic views and things to do for every type of travelers. Here Carthaginian II, which was a museum and after sunk it is now under 97 feet of water. Moreover, it contains an abundance of life and almost 100 ft on visibility to divers.

7. Fish Rain, Molokai 

Ready for a perfect drift dive? Here you will experience Galapagos sharks, hammerheads, and fishes like parrot and trigger. Many travelers have also encountered with tiger sharks, whale sharks and monk seals here. Molokai has a lot of dive sites here, but this is one of the most popular and trendy sites of Molokai, Hawaii.

Depth : 100ft / 30.5m
Access: Boat
Location: East Coast
Visibility: 80-100 feet
Level: Advanced
Sealife: Rare Pelagic, Whale Sharks, Monk Seals, Mahi-Mahi
Water Temperature: 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October

So, if you want to experience the adrenaline rush and enjoy the Hawaii dive sites, then this is a quick guide of every island to follow.